Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Porto, Portugal (Rua de Camões 21)

I’m very much enjoying the restfulness of my flat here and the city as well. Not too quiet here, but I like to hear some of the city’s activity. I got accustomed to living in the city when I was at the John Ross in South Waterfront for eight years. Even some remodeling work that someone is doing in a nearby flat is okay with me.

Today I don’t have much planned. I need a few ingredients to make chicken soup later in the afternoon and plan to walk to another grocery store 15 minutes away that had a better selection. This will get me out to see more of the city as well.

After I pulled myself together, I started out for my walk. I’m getting used to walking up and down hills, thanks to my time in Lisbon. There is so much to see no matter where I walk. Statues, plazas, parks, and churches around every corner.

I arrived at the grocery store and wander around at what they had to offer. I noticed that you really needed to look carefully to find what you wanted. For instance, I found pasta in two different places and was looking for a strainer and a spatula in their housewares selection (that I never found), which also was in two locations. Perhaps if shopping was easy I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

I found what I needed and checked out my groceries. I took a different route on the way back and found myself in what looks like is Porto’s main shopping street, which went on for many blocks. For a Monday afternoon, so many people were on the street. I didn’t go into any of the stores because I enjoyed watching the people more.

Before long, I was back at the flat and ready to make chicken noodle soup. I had already pulled the meat off the bones earlier and made the stock as well. It was mid-afternoon now and I was hungry so I finished up the soup, ate it, then took a nap.

After my nap I made a banana, apple and orange salad. This is one my mom made regularly and I always enjoyed it when she did. Though she put in vanilla ice cream in hers, which would have made my version better, but if I have ice cream in the freezer, I’ll eat it. So, just the basic fruit salad is okay with me.

I had a chance to speak with my cousin Donna again. We’re still making plans for when I visit. She told me about the snow in Portland. After all the years in Portland, it always amazed me how a little snow really through some people for a loop. Growing up, and being a skier, I saw snow often. I didn’t find much snow this year, just the snow that fell the day Corrine arrived in London. Next year I’ll make plans to stay in Zermatt in January.

I worked a little on my taxes, which are much easier to do since I no longer own any property. I still have to fill out a long form because of my investments. I’ve used TurboTax for many years, which makes completing and filing the taxes much easier. I should have everything wrapped up before I leave for the U.S. in March.

I watched a little TV before going to bed. It really gets a lot more quiet in this part of Porto around 9:00 in the evening.

Tomorrow I’m planning to walk to the Luis I Bridge that spans the nearby Douro River, which flows through the center of Porto. Later in afternoon, I’ll make Cottage Pie for dinner.


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