Sunday, 18 February 2018

Lisbon, Portugal (Double Tree by Hilton – Lisbon, Fontana Park)

Moving day! Time to pack the suitcase and move on to my next stop. Porto is my destination and will be there for 10 days in an Airbnb. I’ll be able to cook for myself again.

After breakfast I got ready and was in the taxi by 10:30 for my 11:30 train to Porto. I found the right car and seat quickly. So quickly, I confirmed with someone on the platform that I was where I needed to be. The train left the station a few minutes after 10:30.

Comfortable Seats

The ride was a bit rocky and bumpy, but we arrived in Porto on schedule. From the station I took a taxi for a short ride to my new flat. The host wasn’t able to be there, but his housekeeper let me in. She didn’t speak much English, but I’ll figure out what I need to, it will just take me a bit longer. No big deal. The flat is good sized and there is a patio area, with a good city view just off of the dinning room.

Before I left Lisbon, I happened to look back on my phone’ s Messenger app. I hadn’t noticed that there were some that had been there a couple of years. Not sure why I hadn’t seen them before. One was from a friend who I knew back when I was in my early teens. It was a flash from the past! He was my only nearby neighbor that was my age. By nearby, I mean within one mile of our house. I sent him a message while I was on the train and we started to exchange texts.

Our texts continued as I was getting settled in my new place. We have so much to catch up on. His family moved away from Hood River in our sophomore year and we gradually lost contact. Interesting though, he was the only one from Hood River who I ran into a couple of times while I lived in Portland. Really, the only one! Others I knew from Hood River were people who I saw regularly, not by chance. Guess we were intended to remain friends.

About this time I was ready for my afternoon nap. After going shopping at a nearby market for things to eat for breakfast, I found a local Chinese restaurant and didn’t order chow mein with shrimp. I had chop suey with shrimp instead – only because they didn’t serve chow mein. Also won ton soup, fried rice and green tea. The meal was good, not great, but I enjoyed every bite.

I finished unpacking and set up the Apple TV. Also spoke to my friend, Hussein in Luxor. Then washed a pair of pants and spent time figuring out how the heating controls work. It was getting cold. I only watched one show then went to bed.

Tomorrow, I have no plans to walk around Porto. All I want to do is shop for more groceries and roast a chicken.



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