Saturday, 17 February 2018

Lisbon, Portugal (Double Tree by Hilton – Lisbon, Fontana Park)

Today was my last day in Lisbon. After breakfast I went back to bed. The only thing I must do today is my laundry, so I can be lazy for the rest of the day.

At 2:00 I was ready to walk over to the nearby laundry. I was concerned that it might be busy given that today is Saturday. Maybe people who work during the week do their laundry on Saturdays. When I got there I found an available washer, but needed some help to get the washer to start after I made the payment. I only had one load, so it took less than an hour for the washing and drying.

For a slight change, I decided to try another nearby Chinese restaurant instead of the one in the food court. After walking 10 minutes to get there, I found out it was closed, even though on Google it said it was open. Rather than go to my usual Chinese restaurant, I went to a non-Chinese restaurant and ordered a New York City Cheeseburger. I was served without a top bun and when I tasted it, the flavor was a bit off. Perhaps I should have had the chow mein after all.

After I got back to my room after eating I tried again to work with Citibank to have them release my card so I can make purchases. The fellow I spoke with last night said everything was okay, but it wasn’t. But today I worked with another person who tried various options which included sending a security code to a phone in the U.S. A friend of mine was able to get the security code, text it to me, and then I gave it to the Citibank person. Why I have to do this after I made nearly $4,000 in purchases and paid off the card, I don’t know. But whatever we did tonight worked and I was able to get the card to work again. All this to get free air miles, so I guess the extra steps will be worth it.

I watched a few shows on Netflix then went to bed. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow I’m leaving on the 11:30 train to Porto. I’m ready to leave Lisbon and perhaps someday I might return. A very nice place to visit and glad I was able to be here and experience life in Portugal.


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