Thursday, 15 February 2018

Lisbon, Portugal (Double Tree by Hilton – Lisbon, Fontana Park)

Today I’m taking a small break from sightseeing. I’ve done a pretty good job of getting around Lisbon and seeing a variety of neighborhoods and attractions. Today after breakfast my mission is to find a Comboios de Portugal (CP) sales and service office to find out what happened to the ticket I purchased a few days ago. Normally I’d get the ticket via email and calling their customer service line didn’t work, so now, I’ll try and find a person I can talk to about this. Since there is no sure way to know which of the four train stations have an open sales and service desk, I’ll have to visit a couple stations.

I slept in this morning and that got me off to a late start, but I enjoyed sleeping in and didn’t mind at all. As I went into the nearby Metro station I suddenly forgot which train would take me to the station I was planning to go to. Maybe I didn’t have enough coffee. After taking the wrong train, I came to my senses.

The first station I went to didn’t have a sales and service desk but referred me to another, but said they didn’t know if they were still open. But I went anyway. I quickly found the place in the next station where I could speak with someone and he was able to find my my ticket by using my passport number. And he gave me a printed copy of the ticket. Success!

The station was across the Military Museum. I wasn’t interested in going in, but took a picture of the building facade.

I forgot to include in a previous post a couple of pictures I took of Lisbon’s version of cobble stone sidewalks. Very few places I’ve visited while traveling have sidewalks like you’d find in the U.S. Many have some sort of cobbled stone streets and sidewalks. In Lisbon’s case, they use square white blocks. And these blocks can be found everywhere. While the streets are mostly paved with asphalt, the sidewalks are made of these small square blocks. I can’t image how many of these small blocks have been made over the years, but there must be 10’s of millions of them in the city. From what I’ve read, this type of mosaic paving is used in other countries, like Brazil, who have had ties to Portugal.

Found this picture via Google of the pavement work in progress:

Finished product:

In need of repair:

Because I got a late start, after I got my train ticket, I was hungry. Yes, more chow mein with shrimp! I went back to the little shop that was highly recommended and ordered what I had a few days ago. It was still very good and continue to enjoy this quick and filling meal.

By the time I returned to the hotel via Metro and took a nap, it was about 8:00. I found that a movie that I’ve been waiting to be released on Amazon is now available. Victoria and Abdul is a true story about Queen Victoria and her Indian teacher (who taught her Hindi and the appreciation of Indian food) who she became very close to in her final years. (At this time in history, Queen Victoria was also Empress of India.) The drama to the story is that her family and government were not happy that she was so close to someone who was not English, not Christian and had dark skin. Not a great movie, but very enlightening.

Tomorrow I’m visiting the Alfama section of Lisbon. It has some of the earliest buildings that were built after the quake of 1755. I plan to do a lot of walking!



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