Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Lisbon, Portugal (Double Tree by Hilton – Lisbon, Fontana Park)

I woke up early and confirmed my stay in Porto, Portugal. I had been thinking about where to stay in Porto for several weeks now. I just wasn’t ready to commit. By chance, Airbnb sent me some listings it thought I might like. (Airbnb, if you are searching for a location with no confirmed booking, will automatically send, via email, listings that might be of interest.) As it turns out, one of the listings they sent me was one that definitely got my interest. I’m going to be in Porto for 11 days, and I’m tired of staying in hotels. This flat is on the top floor of a new apartment building near the center of town and across the street from a full-service supermarket. Perfect!   Click Here: Porto Airbnb

After breakfast and a shower, I went for my walk. I decided to take Hugo’s advice and walk away from the historical city center to an area close to where I’m staying. This is in the Santo Antonio Quarter of Lisbon. I first came upon Marquess of Pombal Square, where a status of the Marquess stands in the middle of this traffic circle.

From Wikipedia: “Its name is a reference to Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, 1st Marquess of Pombal, 1st Count of Oeiras, the powerful prime-minister who ruled Portugal from 1750 to 1777. In the middle of the roundabout there is a large column dedicated to him, built between 1917 and 1934 and created by Adães Bermudes, António Couto and Francisco Santos. A bronze statue of the Marquess is on the top, with a lion – symbol of power – by his side. The Marquess is shown looking towards the Baixa Pombalina, the area of Lisbon that was rebuilt under his direction after the disastrous 1755 Lisbon earthquake.”

Looking up from the traffic circle, you see a very large park that extends up the hill. And off to the right of the park (see picture below), I could see a large, mostly yellow, building in the distance that got my attention. So that is where I started to walk next.

The park (above) is called the Edward VII Park. It was named for King Edward VII of the U.K. who visited Portugal in 1902. The large boulevard wide walking paths on both sides of the green lawn had a gentle upward slope. It seemed like I was walking for an hour before I arrived at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion (the large yellow building I earlier saw in the distance).

The Carlos Lopes Pavilion, a long distance runner, was named for the first Portuguese Olympic athlete to win a gold medal (1984). The pavilion building was once located in Brazil in 1922 and named Pavilion of Portuguese Industries. It was reassembled in its current location. I took several pictures of the building. Beautiful tile-work on the building.

A closer look…

At the top of the Edward VII Park was an area overlooking the park. It had several interesting features installed there. I couldn’t find information about the water feature or the tall polls.

As seen from a distance:

View of the Edward VII Park from the top. The large statue at the bottom of the hill looks very small from this distance.

This statue below is named “Maternity”, by the Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero, chosen by Lisbon and tourists during an exhibition of his works in the Terreiro do Paço.

On the way back, I took pictures of the neighborhood that I walked through on the way back to where my hotel was located.

After my walk, I was still hungry for Chinese food, so I stopped by the food mall Chinese place again and order more chow mein with shrimp. After not being able to eat a full meal for several days, having something that tastes good that my stomach likes is a good thing.

The blog posting that I worked on from the previous day took a couple of hours to complete. So many pictures! I struggle a little deciding which pictures to post. I have those that I haven’t posted backed up and can always add them later.

I finally got around to setting up the ability to log into my phone using my fingerprint. I first had to get my phone to recognize my fingerprint, which took several attempts, but eventually got it to work. I can only use my right thumbprint, but nice to not have to tap in my four-digit code each time I want to use the phone. If I happen to go into a coma, anyone reading this blog post will inform the authorities that my information to access my accounts and contacts is available on my phone. Just need the fingerprint from my right thumb on the home key.

After watching some Netflix, I was ready for bed. Tomorrow I’m going to take the Metro to the Belem Tower on the river. There are several attractions I’d like to see in that area.




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