Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Tangier, Morocco (Tangier Hilton)

Still got the “bug” but not as bad as yesterday. I managed to have a little breakfast and then went back to my room to rest and be near the bathroom. That’s as much detail I need to provide.

I’ve enjoyed the extra sleep, so it hasn’t been too rough from that regard. But aside from the little I had at breakfast, I really haven’t eaten much. Eventually I went out in the early evening to find something at a nearby grocery and only found one thing that looked good to eat.

Since I had some free time, I made some additional reservations up to the point where I travel to London and where I’m staying in London as well. My only gap is my stay in Porto, Portugal – but I’ll figure that out when I get to Lisbon.

Was in bed early and thinking about my trip to Lisbon tomorrow. Hope my “bug” is under control during my flight. Finger’s crossed.




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