Monday, 29 January 2018

Seville, Spain (Hilton Garden Inn)

Today is my last full day in Seville. After breakfast, and a short nap, I took the shuttle into the city and my plan was to walk to the former site of the 1992 Seville Expo. (Perhaps I should have researched beforehand on how far away it was.)

I took a route that took me somewhat close to the Expo site and by then I needed to find a restroom. Since there are no public restrooms (verified by the hotel shuttle driver) I visited the nearest McDonald’s and ordered a coffee and used their restroom. (Thank you McDonald’s!) I tried the men’s room at the nearby bus station but it was locked.

It was while at McDonald’s when I checked the distance to the main part of the Expo site, and it looked I was about halfway there. No matter, I was enjoying the walk and along the way took pictures of a church, with this impressive tree in the church’s courtyard, and also another of some artwork on a building – similar to what I’ve seen on other buildings in Seville.

Before I walked over the Puente del Alamillo bride, I checked to see how far away I was from my hotel and saw I could walk there in 45 minutes – but continued on my original plan. As I approached the Expo site I realized that it was virtually abandoned. There were a number of large businesses that have located to this area, but it looks like much of the Expo is now behind fences with grass growing up between the cracks in the walkways.

I took pictures of a large sphere, which was the symbol of the Expo (it also sprayed a fine mist of water to cool off guests during the summer heat). There was a replica of the European Space Agency’sĀ Ariane 4 rocket and the Hungarian Pavilion, and from what I read about it, “features Shamanistic symbols and, according to Expo 92 expert Angel Aramburu, sent political messages to neighboring pavilions.”

By now it was time to walk back to the hotel shuttle pickup point. When I got to the pickup point I had walked nearly 20,000 steps. I felt great for what I had accomplished today, which doesn’t seem like much, but in addition to the walk, I saw more of the local Seville people going about their day-to-day activities, the Expo and found a place with a men’s room.

After a nap, I wanted to buy some fruit at a nearby market and find an ATM so I could pay the taxi tomorrow. The ATM was not easy to find, but it gave me a chance to see this normally quiet street come alive after 7:00 p.m., since I had only been on the street during the afternoon when most of the businesses were closed. Having my cash and fruit, I walked back to the hotel.

As can be imagined, bedtime was early tonight. After publishing my blog update from the night before, I tried to watch more of the British royal family on YouTube but was too tired to continue.

Tomorrow I leave by train to Granada. Thanks to the shuttle driver, I made sure to book a ticket in advance to visitĀ The Alhambra, since only so many people are able to tour the site in one day.

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