Thursday, 25 January 2018

Valencia, Spain (Caro Hotel, Carrer de l’Almirall)

Today is my last day in Valencia before getting on a plane for Seville later in the afternoon. This morning I got up and went to McDonald’s for breakfast and this time was there after 9:00, when they open. I was going to include hash browns with my order but they’re not offered here, which I suppose is good since I don’t really need to have hash browns if I want to maintain my weight.

After showering and packing, I checked out at noon and left my baggage at the hotel’s front desk and walked more into Valencia’s city center. Only a 15 minute walk from the hotel. I took a few pictures, sat in the central plaza for about 20 minutes then walked back to the hotel. Was nice to enjoy the city with no plans as a way of saying goodbye. Valencia is very beautiful and clean – with amazing architecture and history.

Valencia City Hall

Interesting Top to Building

Many Buildings Like the One Below

I asked the front desk for a cab at 1:30 and it was waiting for me when I returned to the hotel. The ride was about 15 minutes and was charged 27.50 Euro (30 Euro with tip), which I thought was a bit steep, but I guess that is the going rate. The driver was nice and engaged me in conversation, so I think overall the added value was there.

Perhaps I arrived a bit early. It gave me time to work on my blog update from the day before and I almost finished when my flight was called and we were asked to get in queue to board the plane. Was nice that my checked suitcase weighed 20 kg, which was 3 kg less than the maximum weight – otherwise I’d have to pay a penalty. The plane was small and boarding was quick and easy – and we were off to Seville. The ride was a bit bumpy in places, but the flight was only an hour long and the time went quickly.

When we touched down in Seville it was raining and somewhat cold. I hadn’t expected that, but the forecast said rain was a possibility. I didn’t mind, being from Oregon. The trip charge for a taxi must be different than in Seville, since it was about the same travel time and distance, and the fare was less than 20 Euro, with tip.

The people at the Hilton Garden Inn, Seville were super nice and helpful. The hotel also has a place for guests to do laundry – hadn’t expect that. And was given a choice of two rooms that I could look at before I moved in. This was a first. They gave me and the porter keys to both rooms and I selected the second one because it was a little bigger, with a sofa and table.

One thing I noticed when I walked in was that it was very warm in the room. I adjusted the thermostat and it was still warm. I then opened the window and after 10 minutes it was still warm. I wanted to get some fruit and snacks at the local store and thought the room would be cooler when I returned, but it wasn’t. I needed to let the front desk know that I was having problems with the cooling. The front desk quickly sent up someone from maintenance who verified that there was something wrong and made the fix and the room was cooler. Was impressed with the quick response and efficient fix.

After a nap I finished my daily blog post, then ordered a ceasar salad for dinner. When it arrived 15 minutes later I was surprised at the size of it. But I ate it all since I hadn’t eaten since the morning, 12 hours earlier. I did eat a banana and apple at the airport, so it wasn’t like I didn’t have anything to eat all day.

After finishing with some correspondence I was ready for bed.Traveling to a new place always makes me a little more tired than usual. So much to take in when I arrive at a new destination, since I try to memorize how to get to the hotel, everything that the front desk tells me as I’m checking in, and then unpacking and getting squared away in the new room. I sort of have the ability to visually record everything that I see and hear as I’m checking in, which has come in handy on a few occasions. I can recall times and locations when needed later.

Tomorrow I’ll take the shuttle (since we are about 5 miles away from Seville’s city center) into the city and start walking around. Not sure what I want to see first. I’ll figure it out when I get there. I’ll definitely get some walking in for sure.


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