Saturday, 20 January 2018

 Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona Hilton – Avinguda Diagona)

Had a reasonably good sleep last night and woke up and didn’t seem to have any symptoms of a cold. No sore throat or sniffles. Nice! But I did sleep some more after I had breakfast.

My idea today was to take the aerial tram to Montjuic hill. The directions to the tower that takes you up in an elevator to the tram station was difficult to find on a map, so I decided to take the L3 to the Christopher Columbus statue (which is somewhat near the tower) and start from there. I remember that Anke (the Segway guide) said that I had to go around one of the harbors to get to the tower. I could see the tower and headed towards it until I could see how to get there. At least I was getting a good walk out of today’s adventure.

Was enjoying my walk and seeing so many other people like me, many with families, walking around and enjoying this beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. I didn’t mind the walk one bit. I found myself at the beach and took a few pictures.

(Does the tower above look familiar? It is roughly the same design as another tower in Dubai. I got another picture of this building, which is a W Hotel, further down in today’s post.)

From the beach, I walked along the same harbor but from the other side. At last I was at the base of the tower and was waiting in line to go up. I read more about the aerial tram while I was waiting and saw that we would have to wait again when we got to the platform on top of the tower. I waited for about 10 minutes in line and realized that the line wasn’t moving. It was then I decided that a tram ride wasn’t going to happen. I rather just walk around. And so I did.

(I forgot to take a picture of the tram tower, so the picture below shows the tower and the harbor that I walked around._

This time, I walked along the beach and took more pictures. After about 45 minutes I thought it was time to look for a rest room. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, public restrooms are rare. My default was to find a McDonald’s. I saw on my phone’s GPS that a McDonald’s was nearby, but when I got there, it appeared to be a satellite store and it wasn’t open – it probably is only open later in the year. By this time I had been walking another 30 minutes and it became more important to find a rest room. Finally I found the next nearest McDonald’s and put in a small order and used the rest room while my order was being prepared.

Pictures from my walk:

At last I could enjoy a quick snack and continue my walk. The nearest Metro station was another 30 minutes away so I headed towards it and enjoyed seeing another part of Barcelona. This neighborhood that I walked through was definitely off the beaten path and saw several small shops and pubs where the Barcelona locals were gathered to visit while eating and drinking.

By the time I reached the Metro station I knew that my walk for the day was wrapping up. I had been walking, almost steadily, for nearly four hours. The metro ride was long because I had walked so far in the opposite direction of the hotel. After about 30 minutes, and one transfer, I was at the station nearest to the hotel.

The picture below is the underground corridor that took us from one Metro line to the other. The corridor was probably a quarter of a mile.

When I returned to my room, I had also planned to do some wash today. I could pay the hotel to do it, but it would cost, in my estimation, over 50 Euro. I found a nearby laundromat and was looking at the directions on how to operate the washer and dryer. I hadn’t brought any soap, but a woman doing her wash showed me, in the best English that she could, that the washer automatically dispenses the soap. There were only three washers and two dryers, but thankfully we were the only ones there and she was finishing up. The washer took 30 minutes to finish and the drying took 15 minutes. I folded the laundry, put it in my duffel bag and headed back to the hotel.

After a short nap I finished my daily blog update and watched a little TV before going to bed. I checked the number of steps I walked today and saw that I walked almost 18,000 steps, or about 9 miles.

Tomorrow I leave on the 10:00 train to Valencia. I did some reading about Valencia before going to bed. I saw they have several companies offering Segway tours. Valencia and I will get along fine!


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