Monday, 8 January 2018

Larnaca, Cyprus (Nicolaides Sea View City)

Another day in paradise! Very relaxing here and continue to enjoy the views from the flat. Each day I look forward to having very little planned and continue learning how to relax and enjoying being in a place where I’m comfortable.

Today, after a shower and a bowl of Special K, I went for a walk. I stopped in a place that served iced coffee and took a seat at the coffee bar. I stuck up a conversation with the guy behind the bar and the only other customer at the bar. Many small coffee places in town where people just sit and talk while enjoying their coffee. I mainly talked to Gabriel, who spoke perfect English, and he told me about his life as a tattoo artist and a drummer for a band. We talked for nearly two hours. Before I left they told me about a hamburger place just around the corner from where I’m staying. That got my attention!

As I was leaving, Gabriel said he was leaving too and offered me a ride. I had wondered how he actually made a living since it seemed he traveled a lot and he didn’t have a shop in Larnaca. His car was a Mercedes SUV, so I assume his family has money and he does what he wants. He drove me back to my flat and let me off, and also pointed out the burger place along the way.

I really enjoy meeting local people and learning about the city through their experiences. This is the part of my travel adventures that means the most to me. I still enjoy, at times, visiting a few museums, castles, palaces, temples and gardens, but living like a local in a town or city is what makes traveling interesting for me.

Related to the above subject, living as a local, I finished organizing the backup of my travel photos (over 6,500 pictures so far) and started to go through them to cull out pictures that were copies, out of focus, mistakes, etc. – since I just backed up everything as-is from my phone. I noticed that it was the pictures of places where I lived and the people I met that were of the most interest to me and not necessarily the attractions I visited. Most of the pictures of food was of something that I had made, not what I ordered in a restaurant.

While planning for Madrid, my next stop, I’m looking forward to walking around the city and hanging out in the large plazas and markets. Also noticed a Segway tour that I’m sure to book. I’m staying in a hotel, so won’t be doing any cooking on my own, but will sample some of the local cuisine while in Madrid. Still pending is where to go after Madrid.

I had thought about visiting Tunisia after leaving Egypt, but I wasn’t looking forward to going there. Not sure why exactly. When I thought about my visit to Cyprus last May, I decided that visiting Cyprus again would be my next stop. Larnaca is definitely one of my European home bases, along with Edinburgh and London, and perhaps Budapest and Zermatt.  I’ll return to Larnaca in 2019 and it will be for a longer stay.

Tomorrow I’ll finally go shopping for something to make here at the flat – probably a roasted chicken, then some chicken soup. In the meantime, I’ll continue to walk around the city and look forward to meeting more locals while I’m here.



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