Monday, 1 January 2018

Luxor, Egypt (Luxor Hilton)
Happy New Year!
The Hilton had a big party with loud music last night, but that was okay. I knew that shortly after midnight it would be quiet again, and I was right. Got a good night’s sleep.
I’ve been thinking about travel plans for 2018. Below is my tentative plan:
Cyprus: 3 January – 12 January
Spain: Madrid: 12 January –  ?  And Seville, Granada, Barcelona: TBD
Morocco: First week of February
Portugal: February – first week of March
London: (SW England): One week or so…. (March)
USA: First to Washington DC then Oregon (mid-March)
Oregon: End of March / First of April
London (or Malta): One week (April)
Egypt: One week (April)
Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria (May/June) – Baltic states?
Scandinavian Countries: June, July, first week of August
Egypt: August
Scotland: August
London (and/or Wales): September
Edinburgh: October, November, December (first part)
London: Christmas
Zermatt, Switzerland: (New Years) & January
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One thought on “Monday, 1 January 2018”

  1. Happy New Year, Phil! It looks warm there in Luxor. V. cold wind here, but no snow. Looking at your schedule, I have some comments. Did you know that Ben is going to go remote and part-time with his Windsor job and is moving to Morocco in February? You might just miss each other, but maybe not. Also, I noticed that you are visiting Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona in January. Don’t miss the converted mosque in Cordoba-I found it astounding and beautiful. Cordoba could be a day trip from Seville. There are so many interesting places in Spain, I hope you get to some of the smaller places like Cadiz, Algeciras, Segovia, Toledo, etc! Semana Santa is so fun and I was in Seville for it one year, but it is the end of March and you will be coming home, so I won’t suggest it for this year. Stay safe and see you soon!

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