Sunday, 31 December 2017

Luxor, Egypt (Luxor Hilton Hotel)

Having a good time in Luxor. Successfully fallen back into my daily routine while I’m here. Wake up, get dressed, and go down for a full breakfast in the main dining room. After breakfast, sit along the Nile and watch the birds and the minimal river traffic for about 15 minutes, then return to my room and order coffee and a bread basket. After checking through email, and a couple cups of coffee, go to sleep for at least two more hours.

After Breakfast:

Hussein picks me up at around 2:00 and we go to McDonalds for a late lunch where we each have two cheeseburgers and a cup of coffee, with milk and sugar. Then drive around for a couple hours, doing errands, shopping, and sightseeing. He drops me off back at the hotel where I take an afternoon nap and have dinner, and later he picks me up and we may stop by for a beer at his cousin’s bar, drive around, or go back and talk at his place until midnight. Then he returns me to my hotel. Rough life.

Hussein Ordering at McDonald’s

Pizza: Dinner in Room

rom Hussein’s Balcony (at night):

Movie of Hussein’s Street: Here

Luxor Street:

Driving on West Bank (Valley of the Kings) at Sunset:


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