Monday, 25 December 2017

Basingstoke, EnglandĀ 

Everyone was up by around 8:00 a.m. and I had prepared Christmas stockings for Prean, Viktor, and Pawel. I enjoy finding items to put in their stockings and watching them pull out each little gift from “Santa”. Paddington Bear was with us as well.

While they were looking at their stocking “loot”, I started to make the requested French Toast. While I didn’t have the right-sized pan for cooking, I made do with what was available. I used 12 eggs to make 12 pieces of french toast, so we were all very full after we had our share. What a great way to start Christmas Day!

After breakfast we watched “Auntie Mame” which is now become an annual ritual. Viktor had seen the movie before and was able to follow about 90% of the movie, but Pawel had a lot of questions. It must be very difficult for native Russian speakers to follow the fast pace of the move, the slang, and the humor – but both of them enjoyed the movie nonetheless.

Time for a nap! Prean was working on his turkey, stuffing, and roasted potatoes. When I woke from my nap, he was still in the kitchen. (He is going to be very tired later on.)



Andy picked us up at 3:00 and we returned to his home for Christmas Dinner. The table was all set, but it took another hour to finish all of the preparations and then we were able to fill our plates. We had both turkey and salmon, yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, stuffing, spiced wine cabbage, brussel sprouts with chestnuts and some other items.

We were able to get everyone around the same table and found we had poppers (English tradition) to pull. After filling my plate once, I had a second helping of the turkey and a large chunk of salmon. Was stuffed by he time we were finished. Then ate a dessert, some sort of waffle, raspberry, white chocolate, etc. Then added some brandy butter. Very rich!

While people were finishing eating, I was able to make a few phone calls to wish people “Merry Christmas”. Was able to talk to my brother too. (Spoke with Cousin Donna yesterday.)

After dinner we talked about gratitude. All 11 of us, including the children, talked about for what they were most grateful. Both Pawel and I, being new to this extended family, were very welcomed by all and heard that we could come back anytime. We are now part of this family.

When everyone started to fade from all of the food we ate, we took a few pictures and Prean ordered a taxi. I needed to get up early in the morning and Pawel asked if he could make breakfast in the morning.

Viktor, Pawel, and I stayed up for a little while longer to talk, but Prean was conked out. No doubt, he was cooking most of the day.

Think I’m ready to leave for Egypt tomorrow. I have my flight and hotel confirmed, I just need to get on the 8:25 a.m. bus to Heathrow, then I should be okay.




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