Tuesday, 19 December 2017

London, England (5 Ranelagh Road)

This morning, after getting the place organized, the dishes washed, and then a shower, I was ready to take the underground from Victoria station to Oxford Circle and Soho. I really enjoy walking around the Soho area because of the shops, restaurants and is a great place for people watching. Oxford Circle station is only a couple of stops away from Victoria station.

I found a place to get a pedicure, but their first opening wasn’t until 4:15 tomorrow. I made the appointment anyway but looked for another place to get my pedicure. While walking around I was getting hungry and saw a Starbucks where I bought a bottle of water, a yogurt, and a blueberry muffin.

Nearby, I found another place that offered pedicures and asked if they had an opening. And they did! The young girl who did the pedicure was very nice and we talked about traveling and learned about when she worked in New York City. After she was through, my feet felt relaxed and ready for some more walking.

I took a video of some entertainment on Oxford street – a small group of Hare Krishna and a Mickey and Minnie dancing to the music of the nearby Hare Krishna.

Click: YouTube Video

When I got back to the flat, all was quiet for about 5 minutes, then heard music playing from down below. Didn’t mind it actually – the music was not too loud and was entertaining as I got settled in. Before long, I was ready for a nap.

Just as I woke up from the nap I received a text from Prean asking if I’d like to join them for coffee. I hadn’t had dinner, so before I left I popped a couple of slices of bread into the toaster and ate them while I was getting on my shoes.

I met them at the Chelsea bridge and from there we walked across the bridge to a new restaurant in the Battersea Power Station development. (The Battersea Power Station, which really was a power station at one time, is being converted to housing, shops and restaurants to make a new community.)

The restaurant we went to was nice (they had been there before) and we sat at some couches and ordered a bottle of wine to share. So much for having coffee. We talked mostly of our plans for Christmas where we will travel to Basingstoke on the 24th and stay until the 26th.

After we finished the bottle, we walked back over the bridge and took a few pictures. Not too cold outside and no rain.

New Battersea Power Station Development (on the right) and Thames River: 

Pictures from the Chelsea Bridge:

From there I walked back to my flat, about 10 minutes away. Was greeted by more talking from down below while I fixed dinner. Watched a few more episodes of “The Crown” before going to bed. The talking stopped at around midnight.

Tomorrow I will publish two more travel blog updates and then shop for Prean and Viktor. Later, think I’m meeting up with them again and be introduced to Prean’s friends from South Africa who are arriving tomorrow. We will see them again in Basingstoke for Christmas.


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