Monday, 18 December 2017

London, England (40 Sutherland Ave.)

Today Corrine leaves from Heathrow to return to Oregon and I will move to a new flat in the Pimlico area of London, near where Prean and Viktor live. Before we left, we got the flat cleaned up a bit and our bags packed before our taxi arrived.

The taxi dropped us off at Paddington station. Corrine bought us some coffees, as she has done I think every morning we’ve been in London. I walked her to the Heathrow Express train where we said our good-byes and she was off to Heathrow. It will feel a bit odd not having her around and will miss her company. But that is my life as a vagabond, meeting up with people and sharing experiences together and then moving on to new adventures.

I found a place in the station to sit down and wrote and uploaded two posts to the travel blog. Since my flat won’t be ready until 1:30, I had some time to fill and it was only 10:30. After I uploaded the posts, I decided it was cold in the station and went up to the Hilton Hotel lobby, that is connected to the station, and had a cup of tea. Before I knew it, It was time to leave for the new flat.

The plan was to take the underground to Victoria and then a taxi to the new flat. But that didn’t work out since the line to Victoria was down and I would need to take the Bakeroo Line to Oxford Circus and transfer there to Victoria. So, went to the taxi stand and caught a taxi there to drive me to the flat. A little more expensive, but it got me to the flat on time.

The flat is a bit smaller and not as nice looking as it was pictured in the Airbnb listing, but it should be okay for the few days that I’ll be here. Or so I thought. After I returned from a visit to the nearby Tesco Express, I heard people talking in the flat below mine. Then some music, then more talking.

Later, as I was cooking dinner, the talking continued. And it continued as I was watching a program on my laptop (no TV here) and they kept up the talking until early the next morning. It was practically non-stop! Fortunately, from the bedroom, I could barely hear the talking and was able to get some sleep, though woke up a few times during the night. Yes, the people below were still talking until, I think, about 5:00 a.m.

Tomorrow, I’ll walk around Soho and perhaps get a pedicure. I still need to find a few things to put into the stockings I got for Prean and Viktor that we’ll open up on Christmas Day.



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