Sunday, 17 December 2017

London, England (40 Sutherland Ave.)

Today is Corrine’s last full day in London. We were looking forward to our tour of Buckingham Palace and a concert at Westminster Abbey in the evening. We had some time before our tour to meet up with Prean and Viktor at a coffee shop near the St. James’s Park station.

The tour of Buckingham Palace was excellent! It was a small group with a guide who walked us through the palace’s state rooms. It was Corrine’s first visit and my third visit this year. There were three guides with us and were available to answer our questions. I highly recommend any tour through this historical building. Our tour ended up with a small champagne reception before we were escorted out the front gates. (I tried to take a picture and was immediately told I had to wait until I left through the gate.)

It was raining fairly steadily at this point so we took a taxi to the Corinthia Hotel for tea. I really wanted Corrine to see how tea is properly served in England. We were not disappointed. They really know how to do it right at the Corinthia. We also had something to eat as well. As we were enjoying our tea and meal we both decided to change our plans and go see Star Wars instead. Her husband and three boys saw it this past week and I also wanted to see it before I left London. It will be a few months before I’m in an English-speaking country.

We found a theater in Chelsea and purchased our tickets on-line before leaving the Corinthia. The weather by this time was clearing up and we enjoyed walking along Kings Road in Chelsea to the theater, or cinema as it is called in England.

What a great movie! The two or so hours that the movie played went by very quickly. Corrine bought some popcorn and learned that you can have it with salt or sweet. No butter! After the movie we walked down the other side of Kings Road, looking in the windows, before we reached Sloan Square for our train to Royal Oaks where we get off.

Tomorrow we’ll be busy packing in the morning. Prean arranged for a taxi to pick us up at 10:00 a.m. to take us to Paddington station where Corrine will take the Heathrow Express for her flight back to Seattle, then Portland. I have to wait around for a few hours before my flat in Pimlico is ready.

What a great time I’ve had with Corrine! We certainly were busy this past week. Perhaps we can travel again to another location. Who knows?


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