Saturday, 16 December 2017

London, England (40 Sutherland Ave.)

Walked out of the flat a little later than usual. The idea for the afternoon was to visit the Portobello Market, a Saturday event that takes place in Notting Hill. I saw that we could walk there in 20 minutes, but after reaching a dead-end street and then the rain starting to fall, we decided to take the underground instead.

When we arrived at the Notting Hill station we followed the crowd to the market. So much to see! Between shops along the street and vendor stalls in the street, there was a lot to take in. Also took a picture of the homes in the area.

Notting Hill Homes:

Portobello Market: 

After nearly two hours, we returned to the underground and caught a train to the Embankment / Westminster area to have tea at the Corinthia. When we got to the Corinthia Hotel we found that the place to have tea was fully booked so we had cocktails in the bar instead (and to use the restrooms). From there we found a very warm (!!) place to have a bite to eat. Both Corrine and I couldn’t wait to leave because the place was very hot and were uncomfortable.

We cooled down by walking around Leicester Square and a portion of the West End. So many people! Corrine lead the way. We found a place that served gelato and each had a dish before we walked to St. Martins-in-the-Fields were the Messiah was being performed.


St. Martins-in-the-Fields is in a neoclassical early 18th century church that boarders Trafalgar Square. The interior is very traditional and we sat is a stall or box located on the side. It had wooden seats but you could rent a cushion, but we roughed it out.

Trafalgar Square:

St. Martins-in-the-Field:

Leicester Square and West End:

The soloists, choir, and orchestra were terrific and well-received by the audience. During the first part of the Messiah, I nodded off because the music was so relaxing and beautiful. At intermission, I walked around while Corrine visited with the mother and daughter who were from Denmark. After intermission, Corrine and I traded places in the stall. The second and third parts of the Messiah were as good as the first and we enjoyed the whole performance very much. Glad we could get tickets.

Was another easy ride back to the flat and we watched some TV before bed. Tomorrow we will tour Buckingham Palace and then attend a Christmas program at Westminster Abbey.



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