Wednesday, 13 December 2017

London, England (40 Sutherland Ave.)

Corrine and I got a slightly earlier start this morning and were on our way to Kensington Palace. We took the underground to the Kensington High Street station and walked around for a bit before walking over to Kensington Palace.

We had a map that ‘supposedly’ (as we found out later) showed where the royals lived in Kensington Palace, that has been for many years like a royal apartment complex that housed “grace and favor” royals. So as we approached the palace we tried to use the map to locate where William and Catherine live and Prince Harry too.

Having been to the palace during the tourist season, was nice to walk through the palace and talk to the guides along the way. (I had many questions.) It is an older palace, but not really that much older than Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria was born here, but moved to Buckingham Palace as soon as she became queen.

On the ground floor a number of Diana’s dresses were displayed and Corrine paused to really look them over. I did too.

We had a quick snack before leaving the palace and walked toward Harrod’s. It was getting dark but found our way to the nearby underground where we received good directions to get from Kensington to Knightsbridge where Harrod’s is located. (It took two transfers.)

Once at Harrod’s there were a number of animated window displays that were fun to watch before we went in. The store is massive! We took our time walking through the Christmas shop and a few other departments before we stopped to have some dinner.

We found a terrific restaurant on the 5th floor and ordered soup. Corrine also had a chicken caesar salad as well. Interesting how we were brought a bowl and a pitcher that contained the soup, that we poured over some garnishings already in the bowl. Both of our soups were excellent! (The pictures below show the before and after.)

Then walked to the Royal Albert Hall to attend their Christmas program. Corrine enjoyed walking through the Knightsbridge neighborhood along the way. Very posh! There was a private Christmas concert that we could hear (behind the shrubs) being performed in one of the private neighborhood gardens. The concert hall was a short distance away. We stopped and took pictures of the Albert Memorial across from the hall.

What a great space for a concert! It was completed in 1871 and is one of the most distinctive buildings in London. (I think it looks like a big hamburger.) It seats over 5,200 people and is a major venue for concert performances throughout the year. 

This concert, like the one last night, had several places for us, the audience, to sing along with the choir. We both enjoyed the concert very much!

Again we had an easy time getting back to the flat. Along the way we picked up some food supplies. We didn’t get back until after 11:00 and were both tired.

Tomorrow we’re planning to visit Somerset House before we get in line to see the Christmas program at St. Paul’s Cathedral.



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