Tuesday, 12 December 2017

London, England (40 Sutherland Ave.)

I was awake fairly early, considering that I went to bed around 2:00 a.m. last night. Corrine must have been really tired since it was a bit later before she was up and about.

Eventually we made our way out of the flat and were our way to the Tower of London. We weren’t quite sure if we were on the right train, but thankfully a few locals who pointed us in the right direction. We really got a late start and arrived at the Tower of London as the last tour group was leaving. We were now on our own to look around.

After going through the gate and learning about the layout of Tower of London we headed towards the Crown Jewels. We saw one of the seven ravens that are still kept at the Tower, as a tradition, and it was very tame and stood there while people took pictures. Eventually, we started our tour of the Crown Jewels. After we finished with that we looked for a place to eat, but it was closing. We started through the White Tower and discovered that the place was closing as well. So we made our way out and took some pictures as dusk fell over London.

We had a bite to eat before leaving for the performance at the Southwark Cathedral. Found a place and had a good meal and conversation before heading out.

Was an easy ride to the Cathedral – just one transfer and a couple of stops. The Northern Line took us under the Thames but you’d never know. We got off at the London Bridge station, which was a 5 minute walk to the Cathedral. Nice to be early so we can find our way around. We had some mulled wine and mince pie at a reception that preceded the performance, then went in to find our seats.

The Christmas event was a fund raiser for Feed the Minds, a charity that supports and funds literacy programs. A chamber choir and a brass quartet entertained us and we sang a number of familiar Christmas Carols. Some parts of the cathedral are over 1,000 years old, but mainly what we saw was from the 1800’s. A beautiful space and we enjoyed the performance very much. A great way to get into the spirit of the season!

We decided to have a drink, perhaps a light supper and a dessert before getting on the train back to the flat. Found a nearby place, The Mudlark, that had what we were looking for. We each ordered soup and bread and a rich dessert. The place was relaxing and had a view of the cathedral and the city.


On the way back, we seemed to catch each of the trains as they were arriving at the station, so didn’t take us long before we were walking to the flat.

We planned our itinerary for tomorrow, which will be Kensington Palace and Harrod’s (at a bare minimum) before going to Albert Hall for the Christmas program.


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  1. Hi Phil: I hope you have a great time at Albert Hall! I got to see the Messiah there-sung by people who sat in the audience, took up about 1/2 the seats and wore red, white or blue tops. Great acoustics! Albert Hall is about 2 blocks from where I stayed at the Queen Alexandra House in South Kensington-women’s dorm for music and art students. Tried to Google it, but the website won’t come up for me. Anyway, great food and nice snuggley private rooms! Helped me to love London!

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