Sunday, 10 December 2017

London, England (60 Pentonville Road) 

Woke up and went down for breakfast. While enjoying scrambled eggs and bacon, through the window, saw that it was starting to snow. I’d been checking the weather for the past few days and saw off and on that there might be a possibility of snow, so wasn’t too surprised. What surprised me is that the snow kept falling as I was packing up to leave the hotel room.

As I was checking out I asked for a taxi. The desk clerk and I waited for confirmation from the taxi company that a taxi was on the way, but after nearly 10 minutes, no response. I wanted to be on time at the airport to meet Corrine so I decided to walk, with suitcase, to the nearest underground to take me to Kings Cross station.

It was an experience rolling the suitcase through the slush to the underground station but got there okay and caught the underground train (Piccadilly Line) to Heathrow.  It took nearly an hour to get there. Was concerned that Corrine would arrive before me, but saw on-line while traveling on the underground that her flight was delayed.

At Terminal 3 ,where she was to land, I waited for nearly an hour before she arrived through the arrival gate. I had heard from someone else who was also waiting that there was a plane delayed on the tarmac and figured it was probably Corrine’s plane since the arrival board said the plane had already landed. Eventually I received a text from her saying that she was in the airport and was now going through immigration and then will pick up her suitcase.

Corrine Arrives! Welcome to London!

We finally met and walked to the Heathrow Express line (much faster than the Piccadilly Line) to catch a train into London. It was still snowing as the train approached London. From there, we took the underground to a station near our Airbnb flat and from there caught a taxi to the flat. It took awhile, but made it to the place we’ll call home for the next week. Carlos, the host’s management team, was there to greet us and show us around.

After he left, we hung out at the flat. I had expected Corrine to take a nap, but she was awake and was fine getting herself settled in. She said she was able to get some sleep on the plane. I, on the other hand, was ready for a nap! After about an hour, I woke up and we talked for a bit then decided to walk to a nearby restaurant for some dinner and then visit a grocery to buy a few things to eat at the flat.

While we were walking, Corrine saw a restaurant that looked inviting as a place to eat. It was the Warrington Hotel and it had restaurant. It was a beautiful place to eat and we had a hearty Sunday meal. A great place to introduce Corrine to London. She ordered pork chops and I had roast beef. We had a lot to information to share and started planning for the next few days.

After our dinner we walked to a nearby Tesco and picked up a few items, then walked back to the flat. We got a bit lost walking back – but a good way to explore the neighborhood, though would have rather done this when it wasn’t so cold.

I guess we stayed up as long as we could then headed to off to bed. She has the bedroom with a bathroom attached and my bedroom is off the kitchen, because I have a tendency to get up in the middle of the night and drink tea or warm milk if I can’t sleep.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Buckingham Palace, walk down The Mall, then visit Westminster Abbey. At night we have tickets for a musical show.


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