Saturday, 2 December 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

A slow start this morning but looked forward to walking around in the sunshine. After a shower and something to eat I took a walk to where I could pick up my Amazon order. I didn’t have the order sent to where I was staying because I didn’t how it would arrive, but had it sent to a common pick up site, located at the nearby Debenhams store.

After arriving at the store, which is very large, there wasn’t a sign that directed me to where I was to pick up my order. Found out by asking that it was on the third floor. Was easy to pick up my order of Emergen C Vitamins and more coffee filters for my areopress. My new gloves will arrive next week. Since I have Amazon Prime, there were no shipping charges.

The rest of the afternoon I worked on my Early Memories. I got quite a bit accomplished and will have a good first draft ready tomorrow.

I finished off the beef stew while watching more episodes of “Salvation”. It really is getting good and had to force myself to stop watching as it got closer to midnight.

Tomorrow I will finish with my first draft of my Early Memories and also make some potato soup. Also will set a date when I’ll visit nearby Stirling Castle.

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