Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

After waking up, breakfast, and a shower I was out the door to visit the Waitrose in Comley Bank. I needed to pick up a new supply of Skyr yogurt, my favorite, and some other items that can’t be found at the local Tesco store.

While it was very sunny, I didn’t realize how cold it was, even in the sun. Glad I had a hat and gloves. But enjoyed the 20 minute walk to Waitrose anyway. I only bought the yogurt, meat to make beef stew, and more thyme. I also stopped off at a Boots Pharmacy and a thrift shop where I bought my gloves last year. My current mittens are looking threadbare.

On the way home, I took a picture of the Fettes College (private coeducational boarding and day school) building.

When I got home I made a good effort to continue on with my Early Memories and was successful. I got it to the point where I should share with Cousin Ginny tomorrow.

For dinner, I finished off the Shepard’s Pic then started to watch a new series, “Salvation”. The story is about an enormous asteroid headed towards Earth. I know, there have been other movies about this same subject, but I think I’ll like watching this one.

Tomorrow Donna’s parents (Airbnb host) will be here to change the bedding and towels. Later, I’m meeting the local InterNations folk at the G & V Hotel, located on the Royal Mile.


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