Friday, 24 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

Adrien stopped by at a little after 8:00 a.m. to see why there was no hot water in the kitchen. Also the sink in the bathroom, but thankfully not the shower which has it’s own heating. He determined that the switch in the kitchen that turns on the boiler for the hot water was failing. But after a few minutes he got it working enough to fill the boiler with hot water so I could wash dishes. He thinks he can return tomorrow with a new switch.

Today I spent a fair about of time looking at various travel scenarios for January. Now I’m thinking I will stop by Tunisia on my way to Madrid. The airfare is cheaper if I book travel from Cairo to Tunisia and then Tunisia to Madrid. Hotel prices are fairly low in Tunis and I could take a day or two exploring the city. Though the written reviews for the airport don’t look encouraging.

In the evening I finished watching “The Iron Lady” then a Star Trek movie. Somewhere during one of these movies I received a text from a friend asking where I was and replied that I was still in Edinburgh. He had seen a news story about a possible terrorist attack in London, at the Oxford Circus station. I looked up the story, now over an hour old, and saw that it perhaps wasn’t a terrorist attack because there was no bomb and the police couldn’t find any evidence of shots being fired. Nice to know that people are concerned about my safety and this isn’t the first time that I get notified that someone is concerned about my traveling to London. Though I know that it is big news when anything suspicious happens in London, so I guess that is something that I need keep in mind. Meanwhile, in the states…  But I won’t go into that here. Like traveling anywhere, I keep my eyes open and enjoy the ride. I will say I’m not going to live my life hiding under the bed because I’m afraid to leave my home. That isn’t living, but rather it is giving up.


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