Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

Slept fairly well last night and took my time getting out of bed. I decided I should leave soon after and walk over to the Glencairn address to pick up my senior rail card.

It was raining outside but I had on my rainproof coat, cap and waterproof boots. The rain was like in Oregon, just enough on and off to use my coat’s hood, then some drizzle. I’m an Oregonian – no umbrella! I didn’t mind it at all. Kept my fingers crossed that my rail card was there, and it was. Put the keys in the flat’s mail slot in the door and was on my way. I’ll have to show a comparison in a future post how much I save by having a senior rail card.

The walk to Waitrose was about 30 minutes and it was starting to get dark. As I walked past the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art I saw a large neon sign above the main entrance. I crossed the street and took a picture, though it didn’t turn out too well. A good reminder that all is well. “Everything Is Going To Be Alright”

Soon I was walking down the road to Waitrose and was in the store shopping before I knew it. I didn’t find a turkey so I selected a chicken to roast for tomorrow’s dinner. I took a taxi from there back to the flat since I had two large bags of groceries. This will hold me (I think) until I leave on the 8th of December for London.

Started to watch a cable program, The Good Place, for most of the evening. A very odd program, but was fine to watch on a cold and rainly evening.

I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow. Perhaps I will look for an Airbnb for my stay in London from the 18th to the 24th. I still need to talk with Prean and Viktor about their Christmas plans for the 24th and 25th.


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