Saturday, 18 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (6 Glencairn Street) 

The hosts dropped by at 10:00 a.m. so I could pay them for staying at their Great King Street property starting next Tuesday. Was glad to have the cash out of the house. That is the last time I’m doing that payment process. I was trying to save $35 that my bank would have charged to wire the money to their account. Found out it wasn’t’ worth the time or the worry. I also mentioned that I’ll let them know if I’m interested in renting their Great King property in September. They were open to the idea.

I worked on my Early Memories project for most of the afternoon. Great to have more of it completed. I also spoke with Mary and made arrangements to meet her in Inverness next Sunday. I’ll use the train time to (hopefully) get my Early Memories project mostly completed. I’ll have 6 hours of travel time (to and from) to work on it.

Later in the afternoon I spoke with Corrine and we finalized our London evenings for when she visits. We will be busy every night except her first night in London. I’m sure she will be exhausted after flying from Seattle, after first driving up from Portland. It was so easy to plan these various events together since we enjoy many of the same things. Shortly after we finished, we each took a few events and finished booking them. I have one event that will release tickets on 1 December and then we’re done. Now to figure out what to do during the day. (Probably sleep.)

The remainder of the evening I watched two documentaries on Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh who are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary on the 20th. 70 years!

I wrote some more Early Memories before I went to bed. Tomorrow I’ll try to write some more. Also, meeting a few InterNations people at the National Scottish Museum for a tour.


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