Friday, 17 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (6 Glencairn Crescent)

Woke up to sunshine this morning, so I opened up the shutters to let the light in. Though, because it was still cold outside (40 F), the temperature in the flat immediately dropped. Eventually, it got warm again. Would be nice to be in a place with central heating, but I make do with what I have.

I didn’t get out of the house until after lunch. The only thing, besides making another cash withdraw, was to get my hair cut. After the cash withdraw, I found a place to get a haircut. Was interesting talking to the person at the front desk who thought my hair looked fine and didn’t need a trim. I reassured her that I did and was assigned to someone to give me a trim. The haircut only cost 5 pounds and I added a couple extra as well.

When I got back to the flat I made a tuna pasta salad with peas. It was quick and easy and put in the refrigerator to have later. For dinner I had the remainder of the chicken noodle soup and a little of the tuna pasta salad.

I need to make some additional reservations. I purchased train tickets to return to London on 8 December and also to stay at a hotel until the flat that I’ll share with Corrine on the 10th was ready. Prean let me know that we will be having Christmas with friends of his and that we will also have along a friend of Viktor as well. The location is about an hour outside of London so we will need to secure a place for the 24th and 25th.

This is what I have planned or pending:
1) Move to back to the Great King street flat in Edinburgh on 21 November and will stay until 8 December. (My current flat needs a new boiler for the heat, so I’ll need to move.) Give cash to hosts tomorrow.
2) Train to London 8 December (Tickets now booked.)
3) Hotel stay in London until flat with Corrine is ready on 10 December – 18 December. (Stay in hotel and flat with Corrine is now booked.)
4) Finalize performances while Corrine is in London. (Pending and will finalize over the next few days.)
5) Secure a place to stay in London from 18 December – 24 December (Pending)
6) Secure a place to stay for Christmas 24 and 24 December (Pending)
7) Leave for Luxor, Egypt on 26 December (Tickets booked)
8) Travel to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal: January, February, March (Need to start planning)
9) Visit to U.S. (NY, Washington D.C. and Oregon) in March (Will start to plan after the plan for Spain and Portugal is firmed up.)

I hope to talk with Mary tomorrow about meeting up with her while I’m in Edinburgh. Between her moving to Glasgow and her vacation to Italy and my visiting guests in Edinburgh and London, we haven’t been able to meet up.

Tomorrow I’ll give the cash for rent to my hosts for the Great King Street flat and continue writing my Early Memories.

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