Thursday, 16 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (6 Glencairn Crescent) 

A few more errands to run today. Found a good route from the flat to Princes Street and was able to get everything I needed on this one street. Had two bags to carry back to the flat. Was a little concerned that I couldn’t find my American Express card when it came time to pay for some purchases. Happily, I found it on the kitchen table when I got back to the flat.

Ironed a shirt and a pair of pants before leaving for the InterNations gathering. Even though it was cold, I walked to the pub where we’re meeting. Along the way, I took a picture of one of the lighting exhibits on George Street. In a few days, a good portion of the street will have their Christmas lights up and I’ll take more pictures.

We had about 10 people who joined us at the Queen’s Arms for drinks. Countries represented were: Turkey, Belgium, Moldova, Mexico, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Poland, and the United States (me). We mostly talked about travel, given that we were all from various countries. A fun conversation was a discussion about Cinco de Mayo with the person from Mexico, who happened to be from the region where the battle was fought. It appears that the U.S. celebrates this event (which is not Mexican “Independence Day”) more than Mexico and only his region does any type of event from this date. Learned about some possible places to visit in Spain, that I’m planning to visit in January. I left at around 8:30 since I hadn’t eaten dinner.

Got home around 9:00 and finished making chicken soup, which I ate as soon as the noodles had cooked.

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting a haircut – and that’s about it. I’d like to take a day and just hang out – but know that I’ll find a few projects to fill in the gaps between naps.



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