Sunday, 12 November 2017

London, England (90C Beaufort Street)

Going to London today! We were out of the flat at 10:33 – just 3 minutes later than planned. (Yes, I still try to leave when planned. Every minute counts.) The taxi delivered us to the station in less than 10 minutes and our departure platform was at the bottom of the elevator. A good omen that the trip was off to a perfect start.

This was Csabi’s first visit to London. I’ve written before that exploring a city with someone new makes it a new experience for me. I could tell he was a little hesitant, but tried to talk it out as much as possible. He did a Facebook post that showed our stacked luggage and commented something about big vagabond and little vagabond traveling to London. Csabi was the one who gave me the nickname of “vagabond.”

We were delayed by 10 minutes getting into London and were able to make the underground connections to Sloan Square for a taxi to take us to the flat in Chelsea.

The host’s representative met us at the flat and gave us a tour. She saw one of my bags with something written in Hungarian on the outside and asked if we were Hungarian. She and Csabi talked for a bit and then after she left we had a chance to settle in. When we first walked in we were surprised at how small it was – for a two bedroom, two bath flat, we felt cramped. But after the large flat we had in Edinburgh, I guess most everything after that would look small. Though I remembered the old joke, “The place was so small I had to go outside to change my mind.”

For dinner we decided to find something nearby and walked down Kings Road looking for a restaurant. Got a bit concerned when the first few restaurants said they were closing because they had lost power due to work being performed in the area. We pressed on and knew that the right place would appear. And it did.

We found a restaurant named, “Made in Italy”. It was a medium sized place that looked a little busy and found that it was operated and staffed with Italians. So I guess there was no false advertisement – given the restaurant’s name. We both had an entree named, “Rigatoni Mama Mia” and a starter of calamari and salad. Csabi had never eaten calamari and seemed to enjoy it. Even when I explain what it was.

After we walked back to the flat we talked about what we’d like to do tomorrow. We really only have one full day to take it all in, since we’re leaving the day after. I predict that we’ll do a lot of walking.


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