Saturday, 11 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (1 Belgrave Place)

Waking up to a sunny morning always helps make the day start off a little better. Though knew that with a clear blue sky there was an excellent chance that it would be very cold, which it was. Almost freezing.

We were able to leave the flat around 11:30 and reached the dock by noon via taxi. We completed about a third of the tour and stopped for lunch at around 1:00. The on-board tea room was built on a deck used by the royal family. Great views from this desk.

So much to see ask we passed through each of the rooms. Not too many people were on the tour at the same time as us so we didn’t feel rushed. We finished a bit after 3:00 and took a taxi back to the flat.

Port Side of Yacht:

Able to Entertain Many Visitors:

Queen’s Bed:

Bed Where Charles and Diana Spent Their Honeymoon:

Car for State Visits: 


Engine Room:

For dinner we ate leftovers and started to prepare to leave tomorrow for London.


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