Friday, 10 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (1 Belgrave Place)

After breakfast we returned to Csabi’s bank and finished up on what he needed to do. Neither of us were interested in going to the gym. On the way back to the flat we picked up everything Csabi needed to make Chicken Paprika.

While he was making the Chicken Paprika, I decided to take a nap. I was planning later to meet Fran, a new friend I met after Dmytro’s performance in October, who was in Edinburgh.

Chicken Paprika:

Csabi’s Chicken Paprika was excellent! And probably ate too much. Csabi was planning to meet up with a school friend while I was meeting Fran. He left first and I left later and took a taxi since it was getting cold outside and didn’t care to walk.

Meeting Fran, and also here friend Katie was amazing. We talked about so many different subjects over some wine – also some cherry ice cream. I really enjoy getting to know people as I travel around. Also enjoy conversations where we talk about ideas rather than people or things.

I met up with Csabi after he finished with meeting with his school friend and we walked back to the flat together. Mainly because I only have one key to the flat and one of us would have to wait for the other.

Remembering Dad today. This would have been his 90th birthday.

Tomorrow we’re planning to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia.


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