Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (1 Belgrave Place)

After a light breakfast of porridge and fruit, we left the flat and walked towards Edinburgh Castle. Along the way we met up with a man selling poppy buttons in support of the Scottish Poppy Appeal that raises funds for veterans and their families.

Csabi wanted a picture of the veteran selling the poppies and I wanted to support the fund too. We had a good chat with the veteran, got our poppy buttons and thanked him for his service.

We had fun looking in some of the shops on the way up to the castle. I saw some Walker shortbread that was being sold and knew that I had to have some. Also to introduce Csabi to one of the best products of Scotland.

When we got to the castle, I hadn’t noticed the various memorials found as you walked up to the entrance to the castle. We read through most of them and then looked out to the North and South over Edinburgh. Csabi has really enjoyed everything he has seen of the city so far.

We walked down the Royal Mile to Holyroodhouse, the Scottish Palace, and home to the former Kings and Queens of Scotland, now the official residence of Queen Elizabeth when she visits for a week each year. The Palace was closed by the time we got there. Perhaps we will visit again in the next day or so.

After leaving Holyroodhouse, we took some pictures of the sunset from a location just below Calton Hill. I can’t say enough about the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets in Edinburgh. It is like the place in made for these special times.

Arthur’s Seat:

Sunset Over Edinburgh Castle: 

We had some coffee and tea at Waverley Station before returning to the flat. We were in no rush and we debriefed on what we had seen. Csabi’s English is getting better, but I try to fill in the gaps when he doesn’t know a word or asks questions about what he has seen.

It was dark as we walked back to the flat. Christmas decorations are going up. We found that the Scotch Malt Whisky Society building was fully decorated and took pictures.

When we got back to the flat, and before I took a quick nap before dinner, I made a tuna pasta salad. Think I was still full from all of the Walker shortbread I ate earlier and it was fine with me that we waited an hour or so before eating.

Casbi spent most of the evening reading about Edinburgh. We also finished making final reservations for our trip to London on the 12th and the associated train reservations too.

Tomorrow it is back to the gym again and probably some more walking through Edinburgh.


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