Saturday, 4 November 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (1 Belgrave Place)


After breakfast, Prean, Viktor and I walked down to Dean Village and then walked to the Royal Botanical Gardens via Stockbridge and Water of Leith.

Omelettes with Duck Eggs:

Prean and Viktor at Breakfast:

Viktor as Russian Gangster:

Dean Village was the former home of 11 grain mills that used the Water of Leith to power the mills. Now, many of the mills are now homes and a few small shops. Prean and Viktor was taken back at the beauty of this small oasis within the city of Edinburgh. Dean (fromĀ dene, meaning ‘deep valley’) Village is surrounded by West End homes, where my current flat is located.

The Water of Leith is the main river flowing through Edinburgh to the port of Leith where it flows into the sea via the Firth of Forth. Along the path is St. Bernard’s Well, a place once visited to “take the water” that was reported to cure illness and promote health.

While the weather was cold (in the 40’s), the partly sunny day warmed us up as we walked to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

We had some lunch at a cafe in the gardens then walked through most of the gardens until we found the Glass Houses that contained an extensive variety of plants from around the world. Each ‘glass house’ was a different growing environment. It was like taking a walk around the world, and with some of the exotic species, it was sometime like visiting another world.

After picking up a few items from the grocery, we headed back to the flat for a rest.


Tomorrow, Prean and Viktor will hike up Arthur’s Seat while I prepare for a visit from Csabi, who is traveling from the Lake District where he has been working for the last 7 months. He will stay with me after Prean and Viktor return to London tomorrow.


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