Monday, 23 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

Amazing at how little you can do (or not do) when you give up any expectations to accomplish anything productive.

My “sunburn” is going away and now I’m starting to peal around my nose and forehead. The red blotches are fading too. Soon I might be able to walk around and not scare pets and small children. Actually, I probably don’t look that bad, but guess we’re our own worst critics.

Having fun looking for interesting places to visit in London. Corrine will want to visit, as she should, the obvious landmark places and I have no problem visiting them again. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and the list goes on. We will be tourist by day and be entertained at night with Christmas concerts.

I made some headway on making a list of memories to write about. After about an hour or so of jotting down subjects, the list is now at 165 subjects. The goal is to complete this project by Christmas.

Finished off the chicken noodle soup and will buy the makings for Shepard’s Pie tomorrow. Actually, because I use beef, it is technically a Cottage Pie. But I like the name Shepard’s Pie and some recipes mix up the names too.

Netfix recommended that I watch “The Notebook” which I did. Nice movie and glad for the recommendation. Wonder what Netflix will recommend for me tomorrow?


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