Sunday, 22 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

Another lazy day for me. I have chicken soup to eat and a warm place to stay. Oatmeal for breakfast and soup for lunch. I even shaved today, which is a good sign.

Also thought about writing down random memories. My brother was interested in what I remember from growing up. Think I’ll first make a list of topics then fill in the blanks from there. I recently heard from a friend who was surprised at what I could remember, in detail, from many years ago. But I still need to get back to my pictures and confirm that last upload I did to OneDrive.

Heard from my friend from Hungary who might visit me in Edinburgh. I have two bedrooms in my new place, so will be nice to have someone use the spare room. He has never been to Edinburgh so will be fun to show him around. It is a very different city than Budapest.

At night I watched “Sense and Sensibility”. Netflix said I would like it, and I did.

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