Saturday, 21 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

More sleep today and keep feeling a bit better each day. My chemically-induced “sunburn” (via Efudex) is slowly going away and I’m starting to feel normal again. One of my dermatologists said that people spend good money for a face peal, which is what this is, sort of.

The rest of the day I answered email and texts. Seemed that today was the day when I heard from a number of friends and family. Forgot to mention yesterday that I spoke with Cousin Donna about closing out her brother’s estate. Always a good conversation when we talk. Spoke with another U.S. friend via Messenger.

Messenger, WhatsAp and Viber can all be used to make calls, both domestically and to and from the U.S. at no charge. Also, Vodafone lets me buy 100 minutes of talk time to/from the U.S. for 5 Euro. This reminds me of the time when I was a high school intern at the local phone company (1970 – 71) where I’d keypunch the long distance charges so they would show up in customer’s monthly billing. The operators, who put through the calls, would write down the information by hand, with the cost, and we would keypunch that information on keypunch cards.

Corrine and I finalized the flat where we will be staying in London. Nice place! So many options and credit Corrine on finding this flat. I expect that we will only be there for morning breakfast and to sleep.

Here is the link: London Flat 12/10 – 12/18

Location link: 40 Sutherland Ave

Made a big pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner. I’ll make Shepherd’s Pie on Monday. I may be taking it easy, but my appetite is doing well.

In the evening, I watched “Notting Hill” just to get in the mood for visiting London.


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