Friday, 20 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street) 

Feeling a little better this morning, but still tired. If I was still working, I’d probably would go to work. Being retired, I now have an option to stay home and take care of myself.

Always prided myself on my excellent school attendance. Was absent only two days in high school, in college I missed a few classes when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Scheduled the wisdom teeth extractions on my day off so I wouldn’t use sick time. From there I remember leaving early a few days when I had a cold, but know that in my last 25 years I only took time off when I had some basal cell carcinoma growths removed and again when I had my two cataract surgeries. Always made it a point to show up and to be on time. That will never change.

Had a call with Corrine to talk about places to stay. While we were on the phone she found that place that looked perfect. Close to transportation with two bedrooms and two baths. We decided to sleep on it before booking.

Roasted a chicken and made some mashed potatoes. Had extra peas so had those as well. Just relaxed and watched TV.

Booked an event with InterNations. The local Hard Rock Cafe is serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day. I actually saw some turkeys at the big Tesco store the other day. Think I might make a turkey for myself one of these days.

Will make a chicken sandwich tomorrow and then make chicken soup with the leftover chicken.



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  1. Hi Phil: I hope you are feeling better soon! But happy to know you are in a good place and taking care of yourself as needed. Love ya! Buff

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