Sunday, 15 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

Was up at sunrise this morning and looked out the window. Truly, Scotland has some of the best sunrises and sunsets. When I was here last year, my place faced the other direction so saw plenty of great sunsets. Too early for me, so went back to bed.

After some additional sleep, got ready for the hike today and started to walk towards Hollyrood where I was to meet up with the InterNations people. Totally misjudged how long it would take to walk there, so decided to take a taxi once I got to Waverley Station. As it turned out, after we made some good progress, we were stuck in traffic so walked the rest of the way. Arrived a few minutes past 2:00.

I recognized three people from last year and met a few new ones. I let everyone know that I hike slowly and was reassured that this was a leisurely walk and not to worry. A few took turns walking with me, which is a great way to get to know people. Fellow hikers were from Germany, France, Italy, and Scotland.

After many small rest stops on the way up, we were at the first summit and took some pictures. Like Oregon, you are never 100% sure how the day will turn out, but today was a perfect day for a hike. Cool, mostly sunny, with a slight breeze. The views at both the first and second summits were perfect. Thanks to the stronger winds at the higher elevation, you could see for miles in all directions.

After climbing up to the second summit, we could view in all directions. This is why I love being in Edinburgh. More physical climbing is necessary to make it up to the second summit because the rocks are slippery due to the many people who have climbed up to this point over that last 1,000 years.

Click on this Link:  Video of the view from Arthur’s Seat

We took a longer rest at the top before descending to the roadway that will lead us to the Hemma pub. Much easier to walk down the hill and could now have a good conversation without being out of breath. Learned about the Bayreuth Festival in Bavaria, where Wager works are annually performed.

We arrived at the Hemma pub and everyone was thirsty. I enjoyed a couple of pints of beer and the company of my InterNations friends. Very much enjoy being in the company of people who have interesting professional backgrounds and viewpoints.

From the pub, I decided to walk back to the flat. True, I was tired and would have preferred a taxi or public transportation, but still had some energy left. It was about a 30 minute walk and was glad to be home so I could take off my boots and take a shower.

I’ll rest tomorrow and make the Skinny Lasagna Soup, if I can find some zucchini (courgette).

Total Steps: 16,430


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