Saturday, 14 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

After my workout, and a nap, I went to Tesco to pick up the fixings for making Skinny Lasagna Soup. Rather than go to the local Tesco Express, which is just a little bigger than a 7-11, but not the variety of a Tesco Superstore.

The Tesco Superstore is a quick 15 minute walk from here and the same one I went to when I stayed on York Place last week. It will take me a few more visits to remember where everything is located. Eventually found all the ingredients except for the zucchini (called courgette in the UK). After paying for the groceries, I swung by the local Tesco, they were also out. Guess I will just have a fried egg and cheese sandwich for dinner and pick up the courgette tomorrow or Monday.

When I looked at the receipt, was surprised at how little I paid for the groceries. I took a picture of everything I bought and also the receipt. This is what about $18.50 buys in Edinburgh (including tax):

Carrots: $.60; 1 lbs Ground Beef: $3.19; Skinless/Boneless Chicken: $2.50

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with some InterNations people and we’re climbing up Authur’s Seat. Not an easy hike for me, but I’ll take is slow like I did last year and I’ll be fine.


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