Friday, 13 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (23 Great King Street)

Moving day. Though, had trouble sleeping last night. Woke up at 12:30 wide awake. Decided that some warm milk and toast (of course) would be good “medicine” to help me get back to sleep. Think I got 5 hours of sleep, which is okay.

Cleaned the flat and packed and was out the door 5 minutes after my goal of 10:45. Still had to drop off the keys to the lockbox by 11:00, which is the time I have to be out of the flat. Airbnb hosts frown on people who are late leaving because they generally have someone else coming in to the flat a few hours after you leave. I’m sure the cleaning crew came in right after I left.

I was to meet my new host at 12:00, so to kills some time I went to the coffee shop, just down the street, in the National Portrait Gallery with my belongings and sat in their coffee shop drinking tea and eating a scone. I’m also moving my leftover food and the stock pot and baking pan that I bought last week. Didn’t realize how much stuff I had and the extra bag weighed almost as much as my suitcase.

The new flat is just down the hill from the York Place flat, but I was sweating by the time I reached the flat. My host, Donna, was waiting for me when I arrived. The new place is on the second floor, but really the third floor since the ground floor here is what we would call the first floor. Anyway, got everything up to the flat and Donna showed me around. Much smaller than the last place, but think I’ll like it here. Quiet!

Took a couple of pictures. One is looking down the stairwell from the top and another looking up. Each flight has three sets of stairs.

Got unpacked then made some tuna salad pasta because it was easy and had all the ingredients. Then set up the Apple TV, which involves connecting to the Internet box, power, and to the TV. Then took a nap.

Discovered that my cell phone wasn’t working away from the flat’s WiFi so contacted Vodaphone – twice. Eventually they did “something” that fixed it but couldn’t get an answer why it didn’t work. Would be nice to have a phone that had a consistent service for each country I visit, but guess that is part of  the joys of traveling.

Tomorrow I’ll workout, then hopefully meet up with Mary. She couldn’t make it to Edinburgh today, which I guess worked out for the best since I needed to get settled here first.

Looking forward to some good sleep tonight.




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