Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (15 York Place)

Woke up early again because of the construction work. Two more mornings here then I move to the new flat. From the location and the reviews of the Airbnb, I should expect it to be quiet.

As a result of the need to make a payment for bond insurance, I made a trip to the Waverley Station Post Office, which is just up the street from where I’m staying. A guy working in the post office showed me how to weigh and put postage on the items I was mailing.

From there I visited M&S to pick up ingredients to made a bow tie tuna pasta salad. Something quick and easy to make. Had the bow tie pasta that I didn’t use for the chicken noodle soup and remembered that I liked it in a tuna salad, with celery, onion, and green peas. The dressing was made from mayonnaise, thyme, lemon, sugar, salt and pepper.

No workout today. I’ll workout tomorrow since I probably will not have the time on Friday when I move. Or I’m just making an excuse not to go.

I confirmed that I’ll go on a hike to Arthur’s Seat on Sunday with some InterNations folk. Looking forward to meeting up with them and getting reacquainted. Yes, “Arthur’s Seat” is a funny name. Robert Louis Stevenson said, “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design”.

Tried to reach my brother today to wish him an early happy birthday, but heard that he and Sharon were getting ready to leave for the coast. Maybe I’ll try calling him tomorrow.

The pasta salad turned out well. Though next time I’ll use less onion.

Tomorrow I’ll workout again and think about packing for Friday’s move.


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