Sunday, 8 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (15 York Place)

To go to the gym for a workout or not to go. When in doubt, don’t do it. So, no workout today and I’m okay with that.

I had picked up some pasta at M&S a couple of days ago, but really wanted egg noddles, but M&S didn’t carry them. There was a larger Tesco Metro store about a half mile away and knew they would have some.

Was an easy walk there because it was mostly downhill the whole way. Found the noddles and a few other items and walked back up the hill. I thought about getting some lemon and garlic when I was at Tesco, but didn’t remember until I was in the checkout line. I remembered a small store on the return route so I stopped there and picked up both items.

While the actual prep time for the soup is less than 15 minutes, the making of the stock takes a few hours. It you want to do it right. At last, at around 6:00, the soup was ready.

The rest of the evening I watched TV and relaxed. And had two more bowls of soup. (The bowls were small.)  I also made arrangements for another Airbnb in Edinburgh. I’ll move to a new Airbnb on Friday, then again on 28 October. Difficult to find an Airbnb that had a whole month available.

Tomorrow I’ll return to the gym for another workout and perhaps do some wash.

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