Saturday, 7 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (15 York Place)

Now that I’m completely settled here, was time to begin my workout. Signed up yesterday and now for my return to The Bannatyne Health Club, about a 7 minute walk down the street where I’m staying.

When I walked in to the gym, it was like I never left. I even recognized one of the front desk people. From there, put my coat away in a locker and started on my workout. It has been since April that I had a formal workout. Though you could say that hauling around my 50 pound suitcase in Europe is a workout. Enjoyed being on the rowing machine again, which is my personal favorite.

Tonight I’m traveling by train to Glasgow to meet up with some Facebook friends, Dmytro and Hazel, who I was introduced to online by our mutal friend Barbara. I hadn’t met them before. Dmytro is a pianist and composer who composed the score for the 1927 silent film Metropolis, which they have performed at least 30 times in other venues.

Link: Dmytro’s Metropolis

The train to Glasgow leaves just about every 15 minutes from Edinburgh’s Waverley Station. I had an open ticket to and from Glasgow so I caught the first train after I arrived. Perhaps I should have checked the schedule a bit closer, because this train is the “milk run” to Glasgow and made perhaps 20 stops between the two cities. The trip took an extra 30 minutes, but I was in Glasgow in plenty of time to find the venue.

The concert in Glasgow was being held at the Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland, within easy walking distance from the Glasgow Central Train Station. The concert started at 7:30. Like many, we have perhaps seen scenes from this 90 year old classic film, but not the complete film. Was Dmytro’s score going to be played throughout the complete film? From the little research I did of the film, it is at least 2 1/2 hours long. That is a lot of music not only to compose, but to play as well.

Hazel did the introduction to the film and introduced Dmytro to the audience. And then it all began. The German film had both German and English subtitles. At first was not sure what to watch, Dmytro or the movie. I eventually got the hang of it and very much enjoyed both Dmytro’s score and the film as well. Told Dmytro that my assessment of an event is the number of times I checked the time, which I only did at intermission. It was an ideal collaboration between Dmytro’s score and the film. Both worked together like they were made for eachother. And at the end Dmytro received a well-deserved standing ovation. My mind was full of images and music at the end of the performance. Now I get to meet Dmytro and Hazel!

Hazel coordinated a small gathering of around 10 people to meet following the performance and we walked to a nearby hotel bar to be better acquainted and discuss Dmytro’s score and the whole experience. We had a fairly lively discussion and I was able to talk more with Hazel and Dmytro. I needed to leave by 11:00 to catch my train to Edinburgh, with the 11:30 train being the last until morning.

I almost missed the train. What I hadn’t noticed was that the train left from another nearby station, not the Central station. I quickly walked to the Queen Street station and caught the last train, along with many party-goers, some still with drinks in their hands. It was a lively trip back to Edinburgh!

The train station is a short distance from my flat, but wasn’t really tired when I walked through the door. I ended up staying up almost 2 hours longer. Then I was tired.

Nothing much planned for the next day. Just to make some chicken soup and relax.



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