Wednesday, 4 October 2017

London (Doubletree Hilton, Islington)

Moving day. In anticipation of a possible strike that could affect the underground trains, I moved to a hotel near the train station. After breakfast I was packed up (in my new suitcase) and took the underground to my new hotel.

Checked in, unpacked, then napped. Anticipated staying out late because of Prean’s birthday party and wanted to be able to celebrate with the rest of his friends. (Or I just like taking naps.)

When I woke I decided that I wanted to see Buckingham Palace before arriving at Salvador & Amanda, located in Covent Garden. Was out of the room by 5:30 and took the underground to the Green Park station and walked the rest of the way to the Palace. Took a selfie and then one of the Palace. Was only there 10 minutes but needed to leave so I’d be at the restaurant by 7:00.

Had a great time meeting more of Prean’s friends. There was 17 of us and think I spoke to most of them by the end of the evening. What a great group of people! Diverse, well-educated and could talk about any subject. They all seemed to share a mutual interest in travel, so had plenty to talk about.

We had various tapas that we shared, sangria, and desserts. Had just enough so I was full. An incredible variety of food and was fun to sample a little of everything.

Was among the last to leave and Prean and I agreed that we could do this again when I return to London in December.

Tomorrow I leave for Edinburgh.


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