Thursday, 5 October 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland (15 York Place)

Moving day, again. This time to Edinburgh where I’ll stay at least two months. Ate some breakfast in the Executive Lounge (a Hilton Honors membership perk) and then packed.

I was going to take the underground, but decided to take a taxi to Kings Cross station instead to ensure I arrived in plenty of time. My ticket wasn’t flexible, so I had to be on the 11:00 train. Since I was there a bit early so wandered around a bit before the departure platform was announced.

Harry Potter fans will understand the picture below. I didn’t go into the shop, but wanted to take a picture anyway. (Platform 9 3/4)  I left on Platform #5.

The high speed train got us to Edinburgh in 4 1/2 hours. Great views along the way and traveled along the coast for the last portion of the trip.

Took a taxi to my new flat. I’m only staying until the 13th then will need to find another place to stay. Though when I walked in, I may try to rent this one again. Tall ceilings and very roomy. The street outside is a little busy, but the bedroom is in the back and it is very quiet there. Full kitchen and the bathroom is large and modern. The whole flat has been recently updated and will suit me just fine I think.

Tomorrow I’ll see about joining the gym that I went to when I was here last year. Also need more food. I picked up a few things for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. Looking forward to cooking for myself again.


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