Sunday, 1 October 2017

London (Kensington Hilton)

Was up by 8:00 and had breakfast downstairs and got ready to meet up with Prean and Viktor. We decided to have coffee in Hampstead, then walk to Highgate through Hampstead Heath.

After coffee, Prean lead the way to Highgate. We enjoyed the trees as they were starting to show their Fall colors. We passed through great fields and groves of trees along the way before reaching Highgate, a residential area similar to Hampstead. Great views of London along the way.

Oak Tree (Similar to Oregon White Oak)

Great Old Tree


We eventually reached Highgate Cemetery, and after paying to enter, we walked towards the Karl Marx grave. The cemetery is almost 200 years old and contains a number of notable, mainly British, people. What an interesting way to spend a few hours.

Prean and Viktor at Karl Marx Grave

We were ready for some tea and treats and found the perfect place in Highgate. A small shop, but the selection of baked goods was amazing. Viktor and I both ordered Victoria sponge and Prean was hungry for vegetarian lasagna that he shared.

We always seem to have fun when we meet up and today was no exception.

Tomorrow I have a few errands to run. One errand will be to find another suitcase. My current suitcase, purchased in January is finally giving way (below) and will see if the store will honor their 10-year guarantee. I’m sure I put 10 years of wear and tear into the suitcase over the last 9 months.


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