Saturday, 30 September 2017

London (Kensington Hilton)

After a good sleep I went downstairs and had breakfast then came back upstairs to unpack and settle in. I made plans to meet up with Prean and Viktor at that Tate Britain.

When I arrived at Tate Britian, known as the world center for the study and display of British art, I saw Prean but no Viktor. Guess Viktor was still very tired from the night before. (Of course we kidded him later about sleeping most of the day.)

After having coffee with Prean, we walked through the various museum galleries. Not in any particular order, just took our time. We sat down several times and enjoyed talking about the various works in each room. I didn’t take any pictures since I was enjoying the leisurely pace. Most of collection was organized by 100 year groupings, with a few exceptions. The modern art was diverse, but not necessarily interesting.

We still hadn’t heard from Viktor and started to walk towards the Pimlico underground station that would take me back to the hotel. On the way we heard from Viktor and made plans to return to their flat then have dinner at an Italian restaurant near Sloan Square.

The restaurant served food from the Tuscany area where I had just visited. I tried their lasagna to compare what I ate in Florence. We shared a salad made from leek, mozzarella, and oranges. We had desserts as well. The food, service, and of course the company, was outstanding.

Had a great time catching up throughout the meal and made plans to meet up on Sunday. Prean and I decided to surprise Viktor with a location inspired by an exhibit we saw earlier at Tate Britian – Highgate Cemetery, where Karl Marx is buried. (Viktor is from Moscow, Russia.)



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