Thursday, 21 September 2017

What a great night’s sleep! I must have been really tired after all. Woke up at 7:00, then 8:00, then 9:00. Eventually got myself up at 11:00. Then I discovered that I must have a travel “bug” while I was making coffee. From there, I decided to not be too far away from a toilet for the rest of the day. I had some Imodium with me and followed the instructions.

After a couple of cups of coffee I was starting to wake up. Has been surprising how little I’ve had the “travel bug” since last year. In anticipation of “unknown water” I took with me some devices that take out bacteria from the water before drinking. After a few months, and no instances, I donated them in Edinburgh charity shop.

Slept a little more, then got up and organized my wash before leaving for the store. Like many hosts, even though they have a washing machine, doesn’t always mean they have detergent. Also needed some cereal and toast for breakfast. Also got a pizza for dinner.

The pizza place that I went to was named, “Video Pizza” but not sure why. I selected a pizza because I could pronounce the name and hoped for the best. No “Hawaiian Pizza” here. (But I did find it in Dubrovnik.) I watched him make it and it contained very few ingredients. My first real Italian Pizza!

My walk to and from the grocery was much easier than last night. And it only took about 10 minutes. The weather is perfect for me. In the 70’s and sunny with a lot of shade trees. I seem to be located in a nice part of town with many large homes and villas (with several flats each) are behind gated drives. I’ve read that Italy’s burglary rate is much lower than the U.S. (4 times higher in the U.S.) but almost all homes have bars on their windows and driveways are gated.

Got home with my groceries, ate my pizza and did the wash. Of course, a new washer and took my time trying to figure out which setting to use. This washer had over 30 settings and used a cross-reference map on the front of the machine to guide me on which setting to use. The shower was more complicated because it has several settings for the direction of the shower in addition to the water flow and temperature settings. The stove, thankfully, it very easy to understand.

I asked my host if she knew of anyone who could drive me around Bologna and take me to popular attractions or to those of local interest. I’ve found that this is a great way to tour a new city and get an idea what local people like and better understand the culture.

My wash is done. Nice to have a place to get caught up with laundry. I was thinking that I have too many clothes, but appreciate that I have a good selection and clean clothes while I travel. For that, I don’t mind the larger suitcase and it hasn’t slowed me down. Though always thankful when I see my suitcase roll off the baggage carousel at the airport.  Was only a little worried in Cairo when my suitcase was late, but a reminder that I should place more items in the carry-on that would be difficult to replace.

Tomorrow, I’ll visit Pisa. Will see if the Leaning Tower is still leaning. Was thinking about why this particular tower gets so much attention. One of the first memories  I have about people visiting Europe. Think I’ll research what people saw when they did the “Grand Tour” of Europe.



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