Thursday, 7 September 2017

Was up early to prepare for my trip to the Cinque Terre area of Italy and for my stay in Monterosso al Mare. After printing out my ticket for travel between Genoa and Monterosso al Mare, I was ready. The #24 bus arrived the same time I did and we were at the station in 20 minutes. Plenty of time to change my Swiss Franc for Euro and get something to eat on the train.

Glad I opted for a seat reservation because the train was full. I transferred to another train at Lugano and was on my way to Milan. At Milan I transferred to train that would take me to Genoa, then another that would get me to Monterosso al Mare. Made all of the connections. But got on the “milk run” to Monterosso al Mare and we made all stops along the way.

Had a little confusion with the Airbnb host on where I was to meet the driver. She thought I knew the driver would wait for me at the square and I assumed that he would be in front of the train station. While waiting, I saw my friends Tom and Dana (also Clayton and Stacey) walk by and I joined them for a drink while I waited for the driver. The are traveling with their friends, Clayton and Stacey during their 25 Wedding Anniversary trip.

The driver found me in the bar and took me up (way up) to my Airbnb room. Nice place with a great view. Easy to get settled in and took a shower while I waited for Tom to call me so we could meet for dinner.

Tom sent me a text on where to meet and I walked down the hill and met them at Ristorante Belvedere. Very nice place for seafood. Everything so fresh and locally caught. We enjoyed watching Clayton and Stacey dig through their huge bowl of seafood. Was a good time to get caught up with Tom and Dana. Amazing that I’ve known Tom for 37 years. We also shared some funny stories with Clayton and Stacey (at my expense I might add). We had a great time.

After dinner we walked around the town and enjoyed some gelato along the way. Really, a perfect evening for a walk.

Rather than take a taxi, I walked back up the steps and then up the hill to my room. It was difficult and was a ball of perspiration at the end of the hike. The shower in my room was perfect and didn’t mind getting cleaned up and ready for bed.

Tomorrow I think we’re hiking to a nearby village, but will know more when I meet them for breakfast in the morning.


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