Sunday, 3 September 2017

Slept in this morning, but was out the door and on my way to McDonald’s by 9:00 for some breakfast. Returned and worked on my posting and got ready to meet Ori and Molly at 1:00. Also made train reservations for tomorrow’s trip to Lucerne, which involved making three different reservations: 1). To Frankfurt 2). To Basel 3). To Lucerne

Ori and Molly arrived at 1:00 at my hotel and we drove to Deidesheim for a special wine tasting of the “best of the best” Riesling wines. I hesitate to elaborate further since I’m just a beginner at wine tasting. The tasting was at Ketschauer Hof Restaurant in Deidesheim and it required an advanced purchased ticket to attend. Ori was very kind to secure a ticket so I could attend.

Today was the day that I applied what I learned last night and joined the other tasters in sampling a variety of Riesling wines. The picture below lists the wines available. Ori and Molly were very helpful for me to better understand the subtleties with each tasting. Was fun to sample and be with a roomful of people who had far more experience. Though felt like a freshman in a classroom of seniors and professors.

When it was time to leave the tasting, we walked through the town and took a few pictures then had some coffee and treats at a cafe. Good to have some time to rest.

We drove to a nearby town, Bad Dürkheim, and walked through the park, saw a salt graduation tower that removes the salt from the local water to produce salt. And has done so for many years. Difficult to see from the picture, but salt is still produced and you can see the water dripping through the brushwood (looked this up, but may not be was was used in this tower) and the salt remains after evaporation. I had no idea that these towers existed.

Learned that there was going to be a festival here within the week. Not as grand as Munich’s Oktoberfest, but very popular in this part of Germany. We then walked to this big barrel that contained a restaurant where we ate dinner. Molly and Ori had more traditional German food and I had a tuna salad.

From there we drove to Kallstadt (Saumagen capital of the world) where Trump’s grandparents were from. The grandfather left when young and moved to the United States but was not allowed to return to the town since he avoided serving his required time in the military and sent him and his wife back to the U.S.

By now it was getting quite dark and we returned to Darmstadt. I thanked Ori and Molly for two days of great food, drink and their company. I always learn so much and feel like a most honored guest while in Darmstadt. We get along so well and nice to visit family (however remote) and enjoy good times together. I doubt if visiting dignitaries would have been treated so well. But we said our good-byes and I’ll return when I can for new adventures.

Tomorrow I leave for Lucerne, somewhat early in the morning, and look forward to many transfers while I make my way south to Switzerland.



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