Saturday, 2 September 2017

Leaving Cologne today and traveling by train to Darmstadt (south of Frankfurt) to meet up again with Cousin Molly and her husband Ori. All connections went well and only needed to make one transfer at Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhoff. Ori gave me directions to take the bus from the train station to the hotel, but I got confused and took a taxi instead. I’ll try the bus again tomorrow from the hotel. I’ve got a “thing” about buses that I need to work out.

After I arrived in Darmstadt I walked over to the Hessisches Landesmuseum (regional museum) to view the Rosetta mission and exhibition. (Rosetta was a space probe built by the European Space Agency, launched on 2 March 2004 which landed on a comet – also known as “Europe’s Comet Chaser”.  I’d read about it, but the exhibit showed how it was done and models of the comet and the spacecraft used. I still don’t know how this was done. A comet travelling at incredible speeds and this little craft somehow managing to land on it.

Also walked through the rest of the museum, which has an amazing variety of exhibits. From the ancient Roman and Greeks, art, glassware, musical instruments, and the two rooms that were reconstructed that you could walk into – like being in the 1600’s. There was a chandelier that caught my eye too.

A Glass Harmonica (also known as Glass Armonica, Glass Harmonium, etc.)

Still had time to walk around the city and pick up some small food items for tomorrow morning. Then took a shower and had a quick nap before Ori and Molly arrived at 6:15.

Was good to see them again after a year’s time. We walked to the restaurant that they selected and talked along the way. Ferrucci restaurant is a favorite place of Molly and Ori and they were warmly greeted at the door as we arrived. Was interesting to hear Italians speak German.

We were served a variety of Italian dishes as separate courses – each with a different wine that would complement the dish. One of my goals while travelling was to learn more about wine and how to appreciate what I was drinking. All I could do is tell if I like it or not. Ori was very patient with me and explained about the wine and offered to show me how to properly taste the wine to get most out the experience. It was a crash course for me and think I was getting the hang of it (a little) by the end of the evening.

As we did last year, we discussed a wide range of topics. I have so much to learn and was helpful to have some additional insight and experiences to draw from. I learned about Malta too. (More about this in a future post.)

I mentioned that I had heard the Highland Cathedral (a popular bagpipe tune written by German musicians Ulrich Roever (R.I.P.) and Michael Korb) and would include a link in today’s post.

Highland Cathedral:

Our Maitre D’

Ori and Molly

So we ate, drank and talked. Molly then pointed out that it was nearly 12:00! I couldn’t believe it! We had been at the restaurant for 5 hours and it seemed like maybe 2 at the very most. This shows how good food, drink and company can make the time pass quickly. What a memorable evening!

We walked back to my hotel and we made plans to meet again tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. More wine tasting!


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